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Messaging Dashboard

Send mass SMS messages while gaining valuable customer insight with our all-in-one communication tool.

Up to 200 messages per second

 Compatible with short and long codes

Reach over 210 countries worldwide

Scalable to fit your specific needs

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How It All Works

Build better communication with your customers.

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1. Register & Login

A contact list on a website

2. Upload Contacts

A campaign template on a website

3. Launch Campaign

A dashboard showing analytic charts

4. Track Analytics

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Key Features

Create your professional SMS campaigns with us!

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Messaging Campaign

Send out message blasts to an unlimited number of recipients with the press of a button.

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Custom Contact Lists

Conveniently upload lists of contacts to be used again and again.

A box with a calendar inside of it

Future Campaigns

Schedule message campaigns to send hours, days, or even weeks ahead of time.

A box with a timer inside of it and analytics chart

Real Time Reporting

Review detailed reports of campaigns with the ability to drill down to message fragments sent to a single contact.

A box with the word 'CUSTOM' inside of it and some text


Use custom keywords to promote your business and expand your reach.

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Message Templates

Create templates to be reused for multiple campaigns. Add custom fields to utilize our message personalization feature.

More Features

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